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From the smallest Village Store to the largest of Shopping Malls, you can be sure of one fear - Crime

From the dedicated gang to a lone individual - they have one thing in common. They are ready to commit Crime at any and every opportunity. Not just against a Shop or the Staff  - but also the Shopper.

With a non conviction 'lets sweep it under the carpet' Fixed Penalty for Shop Theft - it will be less in some circumstances then paying for the goods in the first place.

Other new ways of dealing with crime - appear to be a complete '  let-off '. The UK must be one of the softest Countries in Europe to commit crime. Spending money on the Olympics when the cancer of neglect and crime (Crime Plague) is deep rooted in UK Society and spreading. So much for the 'good causes'.

Crime has already damaged, and continues to damage the fabric of UK Society.

Retailers having to hire their own security patrols for public areas - some with cameras strapped to their heads to enable daily criminal intrusions to be audibly and visually recorded.


If you have a Victim or Retail Story that you want considered for Internet publication, then please email it.

Names can be changed and place names omitted - if you are a Victim stemming from Shopcrime, then you have the opportunity of telling that experience.

Have you an opinion as a Retail Security Officer, Loss Prevention Manager or Retail Staff Member  on the state of crime in the UK Retail sector today? Thousands of people visit Shopcrime on several platforms, names will never be used - unless requested.

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Shopping in most situations is Safe and Fun - lets try and keep it that way. 


Never allow yourself to be stopped (surveys etc).

Giving personal details may put you at risk of Identity Theft.